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Contractual partner for MAKUMAYU customers with residence or registered office in Switzerland:

c/o Marthaler

Schöneggstrasse 159

CH-8953 Dietikon


info (at)

+41 (0)79 45 35 240

Company number: CHE-471.518.689 Commercial Register Office of the Canton of Zurich


No binding offer

In principle, no element on the MAKUMAYU GmbH website is a binding offer to a visitor to the website. If MAKUMAYU GmbH wants to make an invitation to make an offer or, exceptionally, a binding offer via the website or via marketing emails, MAKUMAYU GmbH will explain this clearly and unambiguously. If there are any doubts about this, the visitor must assume that MAKUMAYU GmbH does not want to make a binding offer.

Regarding liability

MAKUMAYU GmbH disclaims any liability for information available from or through the website or in marketing emails from MAKUMAYU GmbH. The only exceptions to this are information that is marked with a corresponding note regarding the authorship of MAKUMAYU GmbH or that obviously comes from MAKUMAYU GmbH. MAKUMAYU GmbH does not exercise any control over information stored in particular on external servers, servers with public access, Usenet news servers, discussion forums, chat rooms, etc. The information contained on the MAKUMAYU GmbH website can change at any time. MAKUMAYU GmbH can neither guarantee that this information is complete nor that it is up-to-date. Their use is at the risk of the visitors.

About copyright

It can be assumed that the information available via the website or in marketing emails from MAKUMAYU GmbH is protected by copyright and its commercial use is only permitted with the consent of the author and against compensation.

Payment Methods
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