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Great-grandfather Alberto Palaco-Soto (middle with white scarf) in the Andes


Grandfather Alfonso Palaco-Herrera (middle, standing) with his brothers and sisters in Arequipa

Maria Marthaler.jpg

Maria Marthaler-Palaco, director of MAKUMAYU

MAKUMAYU: Where tradition meets fashion

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Switzerland, MAKUMAYU is a renowned fashion brand with a rich history spanning four generations of the Palaco family from Arequipa, Peru. Our journey is deeply rooted in the art of trading alpaca wool, a tradition that dates back to the early 20th century when we first began processing and exporting alpaca wool to Europe. Our brand name, MAKUMAYU, embodies the essence of our family's history through two essential elements.

MAKUSANI:A Peruvian village at high altitude

In the Peruvian village of "MAKUSANI", located high over 4,000 meters above sea level, our family lived and thrived as dedicated alpaca wool traders. Here, in the heart of the Andes, our ongoing connection to alpaca wool began.


Cultural exchange and bridge between Switzerland and Peru:A family legacy

In search of our trade, wool traders like us had to cross the river, "MAYU" in Quechua, in the mountain village, a vital passage made possible in the 1960s with the support and participation of our family.

This bridge represents our mission to combine the rich Peruvian tradition with the precision and design of Switzerland.


We at MAKUMAYU are not only committed to promoting alpaca wool and high-quality fashion, but also to "building bridges" between Switzerland and Peru in cultural and economic exchange.

The MAKUMAYU collection: modernity meets timelessness


In perfect harmony between contemporary style and centuries-old tradition, MAKUMAYU proudly presents its latest collection. Since its founding in 2011, MAKUMAYU continues to captivate by combining modern, minimalist design and the timeless appeal of alpaca wool, a cornerstone of its heritage.

Alpaca wool, valued for its softness, resilience and thermal properties, is at the heart of MAKUMAYU's philosophy. Sourced from the Peruvian highland regions, this exquisite material underlines the brand's commitment to promoting high-quality fashion. Their hypoallergenic nature and adaptability to warm and cold climates make them an ideal choice for discerning fashion enthusiasts.

Each piece in the new collection embodies MAKUMAYU's commitment to celebrating and preserving the deep-rooted connection between Peruvian tradition and Swiss precision.

Ms. Maria Marthaler, director of MAKUMAYU, expresses her excitement about the collection:"Our latest collection is a tribute to the heritage of alpaca wool in Peruvian culture, cleverly combined with contemporary design elements. We are pleased to present these unique creations that are in line with our brand's philosophy and heritage."

Discover the essence of MAKUMAYU, where the warmth of tradition meets the elegance of fashion.

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