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We are very proud of working with renowned Peruvian designers.

Discover the collections and the inspiration behind them.

Logotipo Negro MAKUMAYU by Roxan Lo.png

Even before the time of the Incas, ancient Peruvians began to develop a breathtaking textile art that conveyed the values of a rich culture.

Inspired by the magical world of the Andes and their ancient heritage, Roxan Lo pursues a vision of sustainability

Minimalism and social responsibility.

We fuse weaving techniques with innovative handmade accessories to create a unique and vibrant Pima cotton collection for MAKUMAYU.

This collection was created in collaboration with various artisan groups to financially support communities in the Andes.

We create innovative textiles for a modern lifestyle.

Carla Testino Logo.jpg

Since her childhood in Peru, Carla Testino has been surrounded by an awareness of aesthetics and art, which she has cultivated thanks to her close relationship with her mother and her brother, the fashion photographer Mario Testino.

Along the way, Carla Testino was interested in supporting women living in difficult circumstances in Peru. She recognized the importance of empowering women through education and fair employment opportunities.

This experience allowed her to fully explore her creativity working with various Peruvian artisans. Her aesthetic vision can be described as a mix of organic and architectural elements.

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