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Inti laptop bag handwoven from Pima cotton using an ancient technique. The hand-woven fabric's minimalist, futuristic design features attractive details of gold and black threads. The golden magnetic closures help to close the case securely so that your device is always well protected. It has an inside pocket for storing documents and is padded inside.


The model is available in two formats: 13 and 16 inches. This modern accessory is extremely practical and proves to be an innovative everyday companion.


  • Laptop bag in two formats: 13 inches and 16 inches
  • Handwoven fabric made from 100% Pima cotton
  • Polyurethane inner padding
  • gold-colored magnetic clasps
  • 100% Pima cotton lining
  • Inside pocket
  • Handcrafted detail using mercerized Pima cotton threads
  • Handmade in Peru

Inti laptop bag MAKUMAYU by Roxan Lo

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