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Product name and collection:

  • The O-neck sweater "Kawasay" is an essential piece of the "Natur Pur" collection, whose name honors "life" or "nature" in Quechua and symbolizes the connection between fashion and the earth's natural treasures.

Linguistic meaning:

  • "Kawasay" means "life" or "nature" in the Quechua language, highlighting the organic and pure quality of the sweater. It is a tribute to the natural origins of the materials used.

Design and craftsmanship:

  • The sweater features a simple yet elegant design that features a fine knit texture and a classic fit, making it a versatile piece for any wardrobe.

Textile quality:

  • Made from 100% baby alpaca wool, the sweater is a product of the highest quality. Alpaca wool is known for its fineness, warmth and softness.


  • The warm earth tone of the sweater reflects the colors of nature and emphasizes the high-quality nature of the alpaca fiber.

Cultural significance:

  • Alpaca wool is a central element of Andean culture and has been valued for centuries for its durability and comfort. The 'Kawasay' sweater continues this tradition with a modern sensibility.

Wearing experience:

  • The "Kawasay" sweater offers a particularly comfortable fit and natural breathability that ensures well-being in any environment. Its natural elasticity allows freedom of movement while providing cozy warmth.

Kawasay O-Neck Pullover MEN -Brown

  • Brown


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