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Product name and collection:

  • The "V-neck sweater Kuraq" is a highlight of the "Timeless Tradition" collection and embodies the essence of the finest craftsmanship in its name "high quality" in Quechua.

Linguistic meaning:

  • "Kuraq" means "leading" or "high quality" in the Quechua language, highlighting the sweater's outstanding quality and exclusive design.

Design and craftsmanship:

  • This V-neck sweater features classic black, a timeless design that complements both formal and casual looks. The subtle texture and precise fit reflect careful craftsmanship.

Textile quality:

  • Made from 100% baby alpaca wool, this sweater is exceptionally soft and warm. Alpaca wool is considered one of the finest and most sustainable natural fibers in the world.


  • The deep black of the sweater is versatile and highlights the natural texture of the alpaca wool while underlining elegance and style.

Cultural significance:

  • The use of baby alpaca wool continues the appreciation for the Peruvian textile tradition. Alpaca breeding and processing has a long history in the Andes and is deeply anchored in the culture.

Wearing experience:

  • The "Kuraq" sweater offers an incomparably comfortable wearing experience thanks to the premium alpaca wool. It is light, breathable and warm, ideal for every season and every occasion.

Kuraq V-Neck Sweater MEN - Black

SKU: A3099-20
  • Black


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