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Product name and collection

  • Reversible cape "Sumaj" from the MAKUMAYU Collection.

Linguistic meaning

  • "Sumaj" means "beautiful" in Quechua, reflecting the aesthetic appeal of this versatile cape.

Design and craftsmanship

  • Elegant reversible design that combines functionality with style, made possible by careful craftsmanship.
  • The cape offers two different wearing options, each side is presented in a unique color.

Textile quality

  • Made from luxurious Peruvian baby alpaca wool, known for its fine quality and comfortable wearing properties.
  • The wool quality ensures a soft feel and at the same time offers excellent thermal insulation.


  • One side is presented in a deep, elegant black, while the other side shines in a strong red.
  • The color combination allows for flexible use; it can be worn both as an eye-catching statement or as a sophisticated, more formal look.

Cultural significance

  • The “Sumaj” cape combines the splendor and sophistication of Peruvian textile art in its reversibility.

Wearing experience

  • It offers a variety of styling options and is an asset to any wardrobe, ideal for the transition between seasons.
  • The cape is not only a fashion statement, but also a sign of quality and comfort.

Sumaj Cape reversible - Black & strong red

SKU: MK20-17112219
  • Black & strong red

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