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Product name and collection

  • Reversible cape "Tapuy" from the MAKUMAYU Collection.

Linguistic meaning

  • "Tapuy" means "question" in the Quechua language, which stimulates the curiosity and interest that surrounds this versatile garment.

Design and craftsmanship

  • Innovative design that offers two luxurious color sides - one in deep burgundy and the other in elegant black.
  • The fine craftsmanship is evident in the perfect implementation of the reversible design, which offers two different looks in one.

Textile quality

  • Made from fine Peruvian baby alpaca wool known for its softness, warmth and durability.
  • The material ensures a comfortable fit and is also breathable and temperature-regulating.


  • Elegant burgundy on one side and deep black on the other, both colors are rich and sophisticated.
  • This color combination allows for versatile styling options, from dramatic to subtle.

Cultural significance

  • "Tapuy" represents the interplay of traditional Peruvian textile art and modern design principles.

Wearing experience

  • As a reversible cape, "Tapuy" offers the flexibility to change looks with a simple twist.
  • It is a statement piece that is suitable for both formal occasions and everyday wear, thus adding to the question of daily wardrobe choices.

Tapuy Cape reversible -Burgundy & deep black

SKU: MK20-17112207
  • Burgundy & deep black

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