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Product name and collection

  • Poncho "Inti" from the MAKUMAYU Collection.

Linguistic meaning

  • "Inti" means "sun" in the Quechua language and represents the vibrancy and energy that this garment radiates.

Design and craftsmanship

  • Elegant, flowing design that seems to be inspired by the sun and offers freedom and comfort.
  • The structured mesh texture gives the poncho a modern, airy feel.

Textile quality

  • High-quality materials ensure a light but warm quality that is typical of ponchos.
  • The workmanship gives the poncho a durable and robust structure.


  • The poncho comes in a vibrant cobalt blue, a color known for its intensity and depth. This radiant shade of blue represents clarity and vibrancy and can add a remarkable pop of color to any outfit.

Cultural significance

  • As "Inti", this poncho expresses the worship of the sun, which is viewed as a divine force in many cultures in South America.

Wearing experience

  • The design of the poncho offers a comfortable wearing experience and easily adapts to different body sizes.
  • "Inti" is a versatile piece that can be worn for cooler evenings as well as a stylish addition to a daytime outfit.

Inti Poncho - Cobalt Blue

SKU: J3343-20
  • Cobalt blue

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